Dear Friends,

Our Divine Sisterhood Community is committed to providing you with the practical lifestyle tools and resources you need to live a life that reflects your values and connects you to other like-minded souls and your divinity.

Assembling a sisterhood is vital to our ability to thrive in this world; yet the roles our sisters play doesn’t always get the high-fives, kudos or props they deserve. These are the women who have helped us become the people we are today – they’ve shaped the narrative of our lives, actually. That goes for our friends today and even those no longer in the picture or as much. As the Hebrew scripture says, “Iron shapes iron and friend shapes friend.”

I deeply respect, admire and cherish my Divine Sisters and I welcome you into this tribe. These women are like diamonds, reflecting many different facets and sides: parts that are gentle, wise, loving, compassionate and kind, and other parts that are feisty warriors, sassy bitches and fierce lovers of humanity. Put ‘em all together and they’re stunning jewels – full of fire. They enrich my days by the virtue of them just breathing and being a part of my life. Female friendships or “femships” (move over “bromances!”) – are so important. The good ones will be this marvelous mix of those who make you laugh until you snort and a little pee runs down your thigh. They’ll raise you up, encourage you when you feel like giving up and they’re kind to you – often when you’re not being kind to yourself. They talk you up and make you realize how damn amazing you are and give you that gentle nudge to get out there and show ‘em what you’re made of. They’re loving and supportive and they just get you! They remind you of who you are – especially in times when you’ve forgotten.

I hope you’ve experienced – or are about to experience – all these things and more. In fact, I’d love for you to share your femship stories with me at And if you’re from the Waterloo Region and would like to connect with like-minded sister souls, join our Women of K-Dubs community. I’m surprised there isn’t more research out there about the value of friendships. But I know in my heart that they’re one of the most precious things you can experience on earth and assembling a sisterhood can make life so much more enriching.

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Love, light and laughter,



Resurrect your divine feminine wisdom and celebrate your miraculous girly bits


NOW is the time for women to acknowledge our divinity, understand our values and quiet our minds. Now is the time for us to set intentions, heal our mother wounds and assemble a vibrant, vivacious sisterhood.


This book shows you how.


By overcoming fear, taking action, receiving divine gifts and having faith, women can learn to truly love and accept themselves, celebrate, feel good and give back. Now is the time for us to rise out of man-made and self-imposed boxes and unleash what has always been ours, what is coming to life now, what is awakening and finding voice and cause and presence within our world. Because it’s our birthright. It’s what we were put on this earth to be. And it’s about time we fully owned it, Sistas.