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Here’s to a 2019 of Keepin’ it Real

I love the Quaker #stopCOMPAREnting ad. It gives us a gentle but powerful reminder that so much of the social media world is cropped or filtered to perfection, creating a false sense of reality. I mean, c’mon… how many of us waltz

Your Voice is a Powerful Instrument

A couple weeks ago, I was asked to speak at a local high school as it celebrated Women’s History Month. I was so impressed by these Eastwood Collegiate students, who took the time and effort to research different women throughout

Valentine’s Day…and all that waiting

For Valentine’s Day, I planned on writing about how self-love is at the root of our ability to love anyone – or anything – deeply in this world. And how self-care is the best gift we could give ourselves this

You too?

Last night, as I closed my laptop on social media feeds still freckled with “#MeToo” posts from my peeps – on National Person’s Day, no less – I sighed a deep breath of sadness for all these glorious women who

Androgynous India

An excerpt from my newly-launching book, She Has Risen: Resurrect Your Divine Feminine Wisdom and Celebrate Your Miraculous Girly Bits. This is from Chapter 1, called Acknowledge Your Divinity. “Growing up with an East Indian father, I was always fascinated

The ‘V-word’

Four weeks ago, I accidentally became a vegan. There I was – minding my own business – when my husband asked if I wanted to watch a Netflix movie called, ‘What the Health.’ Sure – why not. “What the health!”

Stop ‘should-ing’ all over yourself

Have you ever noticed how many times a day you say the word ‘should?’ The next time you say it – please catch yourself. And stop. Personally, that word practically gives me hives. If you use it to describe yourself,

Wake up.

I went for a walk around my neighbourhood this morning. It used to be a ritual for me but it’s been a really long time! I decided to leave the earbuds at home and listen to the sounds of the

Don’t be ‘slangry’ – get more sleep!

I’m deep in debt. Sleep debt. Exhaustion took over this weekend, after weeks of running on empty and feeling stretched in a million different directions. I’ve given too much of myself to other people and causes and I got myself

Seeds of kindness from a stranger

Recently, when my family was in Mexico, we attended a cooking demonstration that ended with everyone sitting at a long table to enjoy the fruits of the chef’s labour. We were seated beside a lovely couple. We started chatting a