Tanya Sood is an award-winning writer, speaker and inspirer, whose purpose is to help women recognize the Divine Feminine power that courses through their veins – and own it.

Her Political Science degree from the University of Waterloo helped her become a more informed citizen of the world. Her Journalism degree from Ryerson University taught her to write and publish more than 100 newspaper and magazine articles. Her Strategic Communications certificate from the University of Toronto increased her confidence so that she could move into senior leadership roles at a university and leading financial services institutions to powerfully influence others. And her time at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary gave her life more meaning, revealing three commanding truths: divine love is the life force at the heart of humanity, far too many female leaders and references have been removed or excluded from sacred text, and that God is not male or female – God is God and God is both.

Realizing that a Divine Mother exists as much as a Divine Father has rocked Tanya’s world. She stopped searching for mothering qualities and influences, and she stopped feeling ashamed for wanting deeper mothering as a full-grown adult. She overcame three devastating miscarriages before being blessed with two miracles in the form of children and the privilege of mothering them. Her path led her to the wellspring of truth that the Divine Mother has been with her all along. By getting quiet and intentional, she started to hear Her voice.

Tanya wants to help others hear it too.

In her first book, She Has Risen: Resurrect Your Divine Feminine Wisdom and Celebrate Your Miraculous Girly Bits (which is available at Words Worth Books, KW Bookstore, The Bookshelf, Chapters Indigo, Amazon and Barnes & Noble), Tanya helps women acknowledge their divinity, understand their values, assemble a sisterhood, accept and love themselves, overcome fear, have faith, celebrate the big and small and give back. She approaches each of these important, relevant and timely topics with humour, curiosity and wisdom.

Tanya lives in Waterloo, Ontario with her husband, Robert, and their two children, Everett and Georgia.


Resurrect your divine feminine wisdom and celebrate your miraculous girly bits


NOW is the time for women to acknowledge our divinity, understand our values and quiet our minds. Now is the time for us to set intentions, heal our mother wounds and assemble a vibrant, vivacious sisterhood.


This book shows you how.


By overcoming fear, taking action, receiving divine gifts and having faith, women can learn to truly love and accept themselves, celebrate, feel good and give back. Now is the time for us to rise out of man-made and self-imposed boxes and unleash what has always been ours, what is coming to life now, what is awakening and finding voice and cause and presence within our world. Because it’s our birthright. It’s what we were put on this earth to be. And it’s about time we fully owned it, Sistas.